About us

Cube and Orbit is a Germany based, award winning publisher of creative high quality Islamic learning games for big and little thinkers. These games and learning aids are based on the Quran and the Sunnah, and impart Islamic education, not only for children, but also for adults. They are suitable for teachers, pupils, schools and in class, as well as for families, for learning and for leisure. 


As a mother of three I was looking for educational games to impart knowledge about Islam to my children, however I could not find any, and so Cube and Orbit was born.


What about our Logo and Name


Our mission is reflected in our logo and our name. The logo is a playful representation of the Kaaba: a black cube, which for Muslims symbolises the centre of their faith. The circle connotes the spiritual development which Muslims undergo and how it is mirrored in the micro as well as macro cosmos.


Our motto "Games for great thinkers" summarises our mission: Our games and learning aids encourage reflection on one`s own centre, around which life revolves.


Support and Awards


At the time of foundation the start-up initiative of Leipzig University SMILE supported us https://www.smile.uni-leipzig.de/


Received the third price at the 2013 “Zahnräderkonferenz” for Muslim Social Entrepreneurship http://www.zahnraeder-netzwerk.de/


We are developing new games and invite you to discover the fascinating world of Islamic games.